Sunday, April 21, 2013

Random Reactions

On Facebook, I am seeing friends and relatives post how they would have wanted a gun in their home had they lived in Boston this past week - or how people in Boston would have wanted that, I should say.  They must be watching Fox News.  I turned on Fox News for a minute - one minute - this past week, and that was what the announcer said.

I have hidden the Facebook posts.

It is one thing for Fox News to be opportunistic on behalf of the NRA in this time of crisis for our country.  It is another to watch friends and relatives buy into the story and assist in politicizing this moment via a nonsequitur cry to arms, for guns in the home (something that is not even in the pool of debate on Capitol Hill).

It was a week of tears for me - often tears of gratitude, that I am a citizen of this great country where the good hearts of people can overcome the attempt of terror by a few. I'm a little dehydrated, especially after watching some of the pre-game ceremonies for the home game of the Boston Red Sox yesterday.  Beautiful.  Am so glad the Sox won, 4-3.  I am so proud of our law enforcement, and of our Boston brethren, stepping up when needed.  Boston Strong.

I saw this article today, about how the NRA's successful lobbying against "taggants" in gunpowder likely slowed down law enforcement this week in Boston.  I post it here (not Facebook, since I try to keep my Facebook postings far away from politics):

Politics aside, it is a really interesting article.

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