Saturday, June 1, 2013

Turkey Feathers

Last year outside my office, we had Tom Turkey who fanned out his tail to impress the handful of ladies he'd brought with him.  Then we had turkey babies.  It was a summer of adventure just outside my office door.

This year - sigh, alas - it appears that we do not have the fanfare (so to speak) that we had last year.

There are a couple male turkeys around, but I think they are part of the brood from last year. My guess is that they are a lot of gobble and no action.  Already we are into June and I have seen no displays of grandeur by anyone looking to create a brood of babies this time around.

This does not mean there is lack of activity though.  I must avoid turkey poop when leaving the office.  That's something, I suppose.  A friend asked me to take video of whatever turkey action I saw, so it's his fault that I look like a stalker:

And then there are the turkey feathers.

On three separate occasions now, a turkey feather has been left on the grassy hill just up from my office, in just about the same spot each time.  On each occasion, I collected the feather:

I posted this on Facebook.  Someone said, "It's code for something."  I think she's right.