Friday, September 20, 2013

A New Script

I'm a little excited.  Slightly anticipatory, as they say (as no one says) (perhaps now they will).

The other night, I had a dream that outlined the first few pages of a new screenplay.  I got as far as the inciting incident before I woke up.  It is a suspense, potentially a thriller.  The inciting incident is a furious moment.  I woke up mad, actually.  The emotion was that strong - it probably is what woke me up.

I have so many other projects that I want to develop.  And I continue to be responsible for what I already have taken on.  But I'm hoping this one gets some of my time too.

Maybe I'll just write up the first act.

Not As Good After

Eagles.  Oh well.  Actually, I still have hope.  And it was nice to have at least one fun game this season.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One Great Game

Last night was a great night to be an Eagles fan.

It was Monday Night Football.  Every one (except one) of the pundits on the pregame show picked the Redskins to win the game.

I wasn't even sure that I was sticking with the Eagles this season.  Yes, I've been a fan since 1987.  It was a Monday night game that converted me.  That, and the defense - the Reggie White era.

But there have been many, many changes.

Who could have known that it would be Michael Vick who helped me to decide to hang in there at least one more year.  Riley Cooper fights teammate; Michael Vick helps break it up  Also, I like the owner.  And I like the heart - this team has always had heart.  Last season, it was not like that.  But it is the heritage.
By last night's game, I knew which team I wanted to win.

What a good decision.

The offense was exciting last night.  They were fast, yes.  But announcer Jon Gruden helped explain why the substance of what they were doing was even more exciting and unpredictable than the speed with which they did it.  Though the speed was pretty cool too.  Gruden drew on screen the number of options being thrown at the Redskins' defense that created confusion as to what play was on its way.  It was really interesting to listen to him.  (Gruden was the Eagles' offensive coordinator for a time.  He was fantastic.  I hated to see him go, even though it was the best thing for him.)

And then there was the defense.  For me, and with the Eagles, it is always about the defense.

At some points, I got worried for RG3 (as he is called) - the Redskins quarterback.

And then there came the second half.

Intellectually, I understand that I am not responsible for the near-loss there at the end.  However, I did do that one thing that I never do - that I believe will cause my team to lose, if I do it.  So I apologize to all Eagles fans, that I did it last night.

I gloated.

I'm sorry!  I did it only on Facebook, and only because the Redskins stole - stole! - that first score - a 14-point shift, as the Eagles would have scored a touchdown otherwise.  (That was not a lateral pass.)  All I said was "instant karma" - that's all I said.  (Oh, and I kept reporting the first-half offensive yards in the comments section of my "karma" post.)  But as soon as I had done it, I thought, "I'm going to cause the Eagles to lose this game."  And they did nearly lose. Yes, I know - I know.  It is not possible that my gloating in any way impacts the outcome on the field.  Nonetheless, and just in case, I promise to never do that again.

The season has been exciting all around, so far.  Peyton Manning - wow.  And on and on.  I also had the chance to get my nephews fired up on Sunday about watching their home team (Da Bears).  The three-year-old was somewhat distracted, but the five-year-old was focused.  And both of them were excited to watch the kickoff.  So that was exciting too, for me.

All in all, it was a great game last night and it has been a fun season so far.  I wonder what this week brings.