Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Rabbit

Yes, I named this blog after the guy (or gal) with big ears, whiskers and a happenstance hop.

No, I wasn't thinking of Bugs Bunny when I chose the name.

Accidental Rabbit Trails... I liked the acronym.  ART.

In looking up lore on rabbits, it appears that the Chinese would like that too, since the Rabbit is one of its 12 astrological signs and is known for sensitive creativity, or so I've read.

Personally, I've also always known the Rabbit to tell truth about fear - or the opposite of it.  As I understand it from Native American tradition, the Rabbit teaches us, by negative example, what happens if we let fear take over.  It isn't pretty.  Because the Rabbit shivers, his predators can see him and swoop down on him, for his ultimate demise.  If he had just remained calm, his camouflage would have kept him hidden.  He gives himself away through his own fear.  A rabbit teaches by negative example.  Do as I say, not as I do (says the Rabbit, as he shivers in his paws).

When a Rabbit shows up in my world, I don't look to the sky for swooping eagles.  But I do wonder when I see a bunny, however sweet, what may be arising that will instill some angst in me, that will be mine to conquer.  I take a deep breath - and stay perfectly still for just a moment. 

I'm glad to also see the China version of what a rabbit means.  They are such cute things!  Surely they show up to tell us more than just how not to be afraid.  Think of Thumper - now there's a rabbit who feared almost nothing, wouldn't you say?  He was like a bull in a China shop, that rabbit.

I like this description of the Rabbit:

I thought of all this when a little bunny hopped up to my window the other day, to nibble on some blades of grass.  I thought she was quite sweet, not to instantly hop away when I came to the window to film her for a bit.  Maybe she is getting over her fears, one blade of grass at a time.

Here is a photo of my friend from the other day - I do have a video of her too (why "she"?), but it is not uploading easily.  I'll try to upload later.  In the meantime...

And here is the video: