Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hot Yoga Weekend

Just came back from two days in Seattle. Part of the purpose? To go back to "I Love Hot Yoga," the yoga spa on Greenlake Way in Seattle that I attended last weekend. I do love hot yoga, it turns out. Don't quite know why. But I do. I'm just hoping to find something in Spokane that is even remotely close to what I have found in Seattle. It's all to do with the instructor, I know. Both classes that I attended this weekend were taught by the same instructor - Lance. The one from last Sunday. So amazing. When it's over, I'm a little foggy. I put things down and then can't find them again. I even lost my yoga mat on Friday afternoon after class - it was against one wall, but I thought I'd leaned it up on the opposite wall. Someone else had to find it for me, though it was in plain view. So something must be happening when I'm in class. Oh, and I'm sweating now, a lot. Dripping sweat. In a good way. I'll go back again, soon, I'm sure. It's something else.

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