Saturday, January 30, 2010

Busy Day

So I'm back over in Seattle for the hot yoga... It's a dancing sort of weekend. My friend and I went with her four-year-old daughter to a preview of the "Sleeping Beauty" ballet last night. So incredible. We were up close and personal with the dancers, as the stage was a little dance studio and we were sitting on the side, where they stood after dancing. How strong they are! I realized how, in a performance, they work to make it look effortless, but the key word there is "work." It was great to see all the kids' excitement, too. Before the performance, the myriad of little girls started running around in the room where we were waiting to be seated. They were in love with the dance....

And then this a.m., we'll go see my friend's daughter dance in her own dance recital. And then I'll go to hot yoga once more, and head back home.

Tonight - I'll be at Interplayers theater. There's a fundraiser with Jack and Ellen (Travolta) Bannon. I was attending tonight, anyway - had gotten the tickets - but at the last minute got a phone call from the theater asking if I could be their "master raffle ticket seller" - apparently I'm able to persuade anyone into anything (but then why haven't I sold a movie script yet?) - because they've just gotten some items donated from Ellen's brother John (including a poster, is my understanding), all with his signature, to increase the success of the fundraiser. So I said yes, and will be there early to help out with that.

So, busy day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Sunday. The proverbial day of rest. I plan to take full advantage.

UPDATE: The raffle didn't end up happening, so I handed out "will call" tickets instead. Which was good, except I was right by the door and it was really cold. The play was "Love Letters" - just marvelous - I cried at the end - I've seen it once before, a couple of decades ago, with a couple - like the Bannons - who were a couple off stage too. Wonderful script. Wonderfully executed. And it raised money for the theater (a nearly full house) - the best of all worlds.

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