Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reading Tonight

Well, I had the night wrong. My acting class will be doing cold readings of my suspense drama script tonight, not last night. No matter. Still very exciting.

The acting class itself - so interesting. We went over our scenes again last night, this time by really acting them out (though I haven't yet memorized the lines). After the acting, we looked at physical expressions of emotions, we threw down the scripts and did the scenes improv... It was really interesting. I was nervous when it came time for my scene, but it went all right. Actually, I was nervous and then decided not to be nervous. I think that made a difference.

The only time I acted before was 18 years ago. I was in three different plays - one where I had 16 lines consisting of "pfennig, sir?" and variations thereof; one - a musical - where I had a solo and dance moves; and one - a short play - where I had the lead. Over the years, I've thought about going back to the theater, just because it was a lot of fun. I even thought about just helping out with set design, that sort of thing. But now here I am. Only 18 years later...

Tonight we're at it again. We'll start with cold readings of my screenplay (exciting!) and then get into our individual scenes. I'm going to try to memorize my lines today.

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