Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Law

I had to write a legal brief today, so I didn't write on this blog in the a.m. That's the last brief I have to write for awhile. In the days leading up to a brief being due, I call it stupid. "I've got a stupid brief due," is what I say. I hate them before I write them. Then, after they're written (like today - the brief is now on its way to the courthouse), I no longer hate them. I'm committed to them, sure of them. They're brilliant, not stupid. Or so it feels. Though I have learned to have no expectations as to outcome, for my criminal cases. Just so you know, Law and Order is not reality. I watch that show and think, hey, I want that judge to sit on my cases. In real life, winning legal arguments as a criminal defense lawyer is a rarity, no matter how good or strong or right the argument.

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