Saturday, April 13, 2013

Beethoven Outbreak

Just saw this clip from October of last year - have watched it twice - cried, both times - am unsure why - it is alchemy, by the way - Beethoven's Ninth?  It is alchemy.  Ask me sometime, what I mean by that.  But it is.

Beethoven was deaf when he wrote the Ninth.  As the story goes:

"Although he attended the premiere of his 9th Symphony - on May 7, 1824 - Beethoven heard not a note.  Sitting on a stage for the first time in twelve years - with his back to the audience - his gaze was on the orchestra, choir and soloists.

"History tells us that Beethoven, who was beating time to the conductor’s movements, did not know how the people responded to his Ninth Symphony.  Taking his arm, the alto soloist (Caroline Unger) turned him round to face the crowd.

"Although he could not hear their roaring approval, Beethoven saw their clapping hands and smiling faces.  Bowing deeply to the premiere's concert-goers, he began to cry."

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