Monday, April 16, 2012

Tom Turkey

I have but one brief moment - a moment delayed already for a week, and so should not wait a moment longer - but I do think if I can take time to write about Chicken Gal, then I ought to give due time to Tom Turkey - a name less inspired than the Chicken Gal name, but proper all the same...

(it reminds me of when I named a paper machete Dharma head "Tako-Chan" when I lived in Japan - apparently it was like naming him "Johnny Boy" here - though my Japanese friends only laughed and graciously never took offense - none was meant, of course - he was named with affection only)

In any case... back to Tom.

There he was, last week - standing beside my car, at my office complex - at a building away from my own (that darn construction and consequent parking congestion)... It was the first day I was glad to have the construction, for the inconvenience led me to the Other Lot, and it was near the Other Lot where Tom stood.

I know it was a "he" because of that red thing across his nose. I'm no farmer - of no kind! - though I come from farmer stock - from way back - so I suppose it could be in my blood to know that the red thing across his nose (or would that be called a "beak?") meant that he was a "he" and not a she. And I did call him "he" in person (or in turkey, as the case may be).

But no, it was only confirmation after the fact that led me to know that his red nose thing meant he was male.

But it was a good guess, don't you think?

In any case... there I was, going to my car after a long day's work (they've been long these days - can't you tell? it was March since last I wrote here) - and then there he was -

He didn't caw or anything - or gobble, yes gobble is what they do - but it startled me just the same. Really, I wasn't expecting a turkey next to my car when I walked to it.

He fluffed out his fur - feathers, I mean - it just looked like fur, so puffed he became - I didn't know why he puffed like that - I thought perhaps it was to say "hello" - he didn't seem fearful, though he didn't seem to like me either - and yet I was so pleasant! How could he not have been charmed? Perhaps he was charmed a little - he did let me take photo after photo - but only with his feathers down (and like that, they looked like feathers)

We went back and forth across the brick wall for awhile, me asking him please, please fluff your feathers out - and him waiting until I put down my cell phone before he would - each time! - he'd wait, then fluff when the camera was in repose - it was as though he thought I'd take a part of his soul if I caught him on camera in the act of a fluff - and perhaps he was right - perhaps there was something about allowing that moment to be - just to be - without any recordation of it -

Though it would have been nice if I could have caught him in the act, so to speak.

In any case... such was our moment... and my moment with you now, telling about this moment from last week... thanks for listening, or for sharing too (if only in your mind, as you remember your own tales of turkeys - do any of them include a moving one that was not on a table in November?)

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