Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Made in Spokane

Up at 2 a.m. or so this a.m.... wondering when the third act begins... trust me, I've done about as much bootstrap pulling as any one person should do... besides, the weather's turned nice, and I'm wearing sandals, not boots... the turning point has now arrived, as far as I'm concerned...

It was one of those "I'm awake" insomnias. So I got up and started working - which immediately got me to procrastinating. So I decided to do an internet search for Spokane and its movies - saw that they actually were filming the Spike TV pilot "Thunderballs" out at Manito Park at that moment, in sync with my insomnia... actually, I didn't see that item until two hours later - when it no longer was the middle of the night. I did drive out to the park just now (needed to pick up some half-and-half anyway, for my coffee) but they were already all wrapped up for the night. Ah, well. Wish I had seen the item earlier - it would have been fun to watch them film.

In my computer searches, I did run across this great link - a list of all movies made in Spokane over the years. It's humanly compiled, so may have inaccuracies. But still - a nice list to have.

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