Friday, July 30, 2010

I Think I'm Back

Well, I've had nothing to write for a couple weeks. Nothing! Amazing. Beth, at a loss for words?? But just this a.m., I've been writing up a storm. Not on this blog - in fact, I need to go finish a legal brief, and so am just writing this quick note here - but I do think my brain is stirring with things to write about, finally - again. Perhaps I'll go silent before tomorrow morning.... but I'm thinking no. I'm thinking I have things to say about, say, that opinion out of Arizona (a no-brainer, I thought - am glad to see those "activist" judges get away with applying decades-old Supreme Court rulings)... or about the guy whose dog bit my cat (yes, I believe we now have met, the schmuck).... and on and on. But the brief comes first. Will type on this blog again tomorrow.

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