Saturday, June 12, 2010

Growing Mushrooms

Yes, I'm growing 'shrooms. And not in hiding - I'm completely out in the open. As are my neighbors. They too are growing 'shrooms by the dozens - in the front yard, in the back...

That is how much rain we've been having. Mushrooms are sprouting up everywhere. Moist, moist, moist. And well, yes, they aren't that kind of mushroom. But they're everywhere.

It's almost as if the summer feels slighted from last year's record snowfall. (Looked it up. We had over 97 inches of snow in the 2008-2009 winter.)

This past winter was mild - the summer's rain has come with a vengeance, however.

People think Spokane normally has a lot of rain. But they're just getting it confused with the other "S" city in Washington. Seattle is soggy. Spokane is dry.

Well, usually.

The past three weeks have been the fifth wettest in Spokane since they started recording rainfall levels. The additional rain has taken one of our driest years to over normal. Back on May 27, we had .98 inches of rain, which broke the one-day record of .84 inches, set back in 1898. It sure seemed like a lot more rain than that.

So mushrooms are sprouting. It only makes sense. Here is an example of what currently sits in my front yard:

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