Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Yesterday afternoon, I was busy working, working, working - and decided to go mail a letter in a nearby mailbox across the parking lot at my building, rather than mail it at the end of the day on my drive home. As I was walking back to my building, my mind racing on various and sundry, I looked up and felt the sun and realized what a beautiful day it was - and how lucky I am, to be able to come to work every day in such beautiful surroundings. So instead of grumping about the work I still had to do, or even rushing back into the building to complete that work, I sat down on the grass and took a photo of what I saw - the building where I work - the Undercliff Mansion - almost straight out of a painting, with its perfect sky set against the deep green of the trees - though a photo can't do justice to how nice it felt, in the sun and all.

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