Friday, May 28, 2010


Now, that was a busy week.

I worked on writing while negotiating deals while keeping tabs on the law while preparing for the big KNIFVES (movie networking group) luncheon in Spokane... all culminating into a busy Thursday, capped by the luncheon.

I slept well last night.

The luncheon was just excellent. Amy Dee and Lindsey Johnson from Washington Filmworks - the group that manages the film incentives program from the state of Washington - came over from Seattle and gave an overview of the film incentives program here. We had lots of people, including those people representing lawmakers. We talked a little about reciprocity between the states, as a number of KNIFVES members are from Idaho and certainly eastern Washington and north Idaho would benefit from a sharing program...

What stood out most, besides the presentation, was how many projects are in the works in the area. Person after person announced their goings-on, and the energy in the room built as everyone talked. Very exciting!

Oh, and brochures. KNIFVES finally has brochures! I am getting some printed and going over to the North Pole Mystery's festival event - the Riverstone FEST - tomorrow afternoon, in Couer d'Alene, and will be armed with a stack of brochures. NPM is the group putting together a reality show in CDA. Brad Kline and Luke Jiles - or "the boys," as I call them - have been working diligently for a couple months now.... and bringing in others to help coordinate and organize... Should be fun tomorrow.

And now, back to the law...

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