Monday, February 15, 2010

Put Down That Phone!!

For the past year, or so, and maybe a little longer, I've had the luxury of having my cell phone with me at almost all times. To say I'm attached to my phone is a fair literal phrase. And not at the hip, either.

Of course I can put it down. Of course! (I say, in protest, while my readers may recall just a couple of months ago, when I forgot my phone in El Paso, my mother FED EXed it to me out of pity, and I kept calling it as it made its way back to Spokane - bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase, "checking your mail.") ("Hello, phone. How are you? How's the trip home going?")

And even though I can put it down - I don't, very often. At least, I haven't, in recent times. I'm not in court as much these days (as I've focused more on the writing than the law), so I'm less likely to need to turn away from whoever is calling in the instant moment. In fact, I think I'm pretty well known amongst friends and family for always answering my cell phone.

Tomorrow - tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow, Tuesday, I will be without my cell phone for the bulk of the day. My schedule so requires. Breathe, breathe...

I do have a new phone that drives me a little nuts, making the separation a little less painful. It's called a "Droid." Apparently that's short for Android. It talks to me a lot. Mostly, it says its name. "Droid," it says sporadically, but always in a deep, masculine, computery voice (and by computery, I don't mean "sultry"). "What, what?" I used say to it in response, when this first started happening. Nothing. I would hear nothing back. It sounded so proud of itself... I thought it just had a mighty, mighty ego... until I realized it was trying to tell me something (that I had a new email, or a text message, or something...) I've been threatening to turn it back in ever since I got it three weeks ago. Except now, I kind of like it. Oh, don't get me wrong. I do understand its egomaniacal ways. And it does have a habit of calling people on its own - even when it's just sitting - sitting! - in the passenger seat next to me as I drive. But - well - it's got a GPS on it, and it speaks in a much nicer voice when giving me directions off the googlemap. And besides - it lets me know when I have mail!

I'm already feeling a little of the withdrawal from my phone, in anticipation of the actual separation tomorrow. I've been preparing for it, too. For example: the cell phone currently is in the kitchen, while I am lounging in the living room on the couch. Ha! I don't need that phone....

Can't wait until Wednesday...

The Droid!
photo credit: Gubatron, found here

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