Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pursuing the Art of Writing

Paul Castro came for a day workshop yesterday, to Coeur d'Alene. Paul is the UCLA prof, "August Rush" author who came up to Idaho last spring and gave a weeklong workshop from which my suspense screenplay has come. It's like a shot in the arm to have him here. And then I go to San Diego on Wednesday with an early meeting in L.A. on Friday morning and then a tour of the UCLA Film School (courtesy of Paul) after that. It was a great way to rev up for this trip - to have Paul here, and to hang out with the gang of will-be (paid) writers that we are.

In between the seminar and the evening event (a showing of "August Rush"), I drove back to Spokane for a soccer game. Now, here's a new twist: I scored a goal! I never score. For thirty years, I've played defense. I'm a little lost up front. But up front was where they had me play, and I was right in the right place when one of my teammates crossed the ball just in the right way, a little in front of me, so I could score easily and effortlessly. Gooo-aaaal!! Someone said I should a game ball for such a feat. It was a nice thought.

photo credit: Philipp Hilpert, found here

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