Saturday, October 17, 2009

Editing Again...

...and this time I'm adding this thing called "transitions." Apparently they're fairly well known in the screenwriting world. So I watched a bunch of movies to get a firmer grasp on this phenomenon. I will say, I believe they've created a monster. Turns out, I love transitions... I'd been doing them already a little bit by accident, and now am adding them on a conscious level. All of this means to say that my suspense/mystery screenplay is getting that much closer to its final draft.

And, as (nearly) always, when I write, I disappear. Not literally, I'm still in Spokane. But it's like I don't hardly exist on this earthly plane, when I get deep into writing. And then I come back, and eat dinner, and think about the next day, and go to sleep, and wake up, and it starts all over again. I wonder if this is a form of heaven. Or perhaps it is a form of hell? I'm opting for heaven. After all, heaven, hell - it's all a matter of perspective anyway. Might as well choose to define this as heaven.

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