Sunday, September 27, 2009


Now, this is a fun class. Dancing exercise at its fastest.

As mentioned a couple weeks ago, I'm taking two Zumba classes - a beginning one, and an advanced one - both from the Parks and Recreation Department. Zumba - hmmm - is a Latin dancing exercise class. Best I can figure out, it incorporates Salsa and Merengue and other Latin dances from an aerobic point of view. The beginning class is right now better exercise because the instructor explains the steps and takes them just a smidgen slower, so I actually can figure out what to do! Though I do not - repeat, do not - have any idea how to make my hip do a figure eight. What in the world does that even mean??? Besides - I am of Northern European descent. Our hips are not designed for this. The closest I come to ancestry with flexible hips is a tiny bit of Cherokee and then that little bit of Irish I get from my mother (and the Irish blood qualifies only because they are just a little on the crazy side of everything - you know, in a Celtic sort of way). Still, I'm having a blast. And I'm sweating. The best of both worlds.

Here's a video from our very own Spokane of a previous class, though this makes Zumba look easier than it is:

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