Friday, September 18, 2009

On The Road Again...

Just as I target this coming week as my time to move forward on my writing...

I happened to learn this a.m., while on a conference call about film-making, that there is a spiritual film festival in Sun Valley, Idaho this weekend. This - is my genre. Though what I write is grounded in reality, it also has a touch of the mystic. So I've decided to go. It'll be crazy, and a looo-oong drive, and I'll miss the first half (since it started last night), but I'm going. I'll get there tomorrow afternoon. This is, after all, the exact time that I said that I was going to start my movement upward and outward. It wasn't the plan I'd set up - I didn't even know the festival existed until a couple hours ago - but it fits just the same.

Besides, it's a beautiful drive. Or so I'm told. Oddly, I go through Montana to get there. Talk about a circuitous route!

sun valley
photo credit: spunkinator, found here

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