Friday, August 14, 2009

No Good, Very Bad Day

So after hearing about the caving by the Senate on the "death panel" lie, I see this headline: Michael Vick signs two-year deal with Philadelphia Eagles.

O. M. G.

I knew some schmuck team was going to hire Vick. But did it have to be my team?

And that isn't even the bad news.

After I read that headline, I started digging around - having not followed the Eagles in the off season - and found out that safety Brian Dawkins is now playing for Denver, and that defensive coordinator Jim Johnson has died.

The Brian Dawkins thing - so frustrating. But that's football. That's how it goes.

But Jim Johnson - that breaks my heart. For those who may not know, he's considered one of the best defensive coordinators ever. He had this way... when the chips were down, and the offense left the field with heads hanging, an Eagle fan had hope. The defense was taking the field! And you had to know that came from Johnson. Players too, but Johnson made it work.

I went through and read some of the tributes. What a good man. So young - only 68. He had cancer, was trying to beat it... I hated to hear the news. I'll have to remember not to scan the sidelines this season, looking for his grumbly face.

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