Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor

First of all, what a great name. "Soto," grove of trees. "Mayor," large. "Sotomayor" - it's sort of a play on seeing both the forest and the trees, don't you think?

Great hearings. Mostly boring, which made them great. Loved how the judge would weigh questions so that a "yes" or "no" answer was rare. That is how the world functions. Even in these Internet days. Also loved it when Amy Klobuchar (senator from Minnesota) said how she had just met Judge Sotomayor's mother in the bathroom, and how she has a lot to stories she would like to tell about her daughter. Also loved it when Sen. Klobuchar went on to say that her own mother keeps leaving her messages about the hearing. The one from the night before: "I watched Senator Fienstein and she was brilliant. What are you going to do?" No pressure like a parent's pressure. Here's the transcript of this exchange with Sen. Klobuchar.

But here's why I'm posting. This column in the Washington Post by Peter Winn, her former Princeton professor, was so interesting that I wanted to provide a link. It's about Judge Sotomayor before she was a judge, or even in law school. It really gave perspective on who she is, and how she grew. Definitely worth the read.

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