Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot

Very hot here in lovely Spokane... And someone stole my garden hose. And added insult to injury by leaving my sprinkler behind.

It is this week that I chose to start an exercise program. Not too minute-by-minute strenuous, mind you - after all, I just recently got back blood test results showing I've finally got normal blood again. So it's a walking program. Not running, not joining the gym, not even bicycling (yet).

But it's a heckuva lot of walking. Maybe that's the way I'm overdoing it. Heaven knows, the way I do things well is by overdoing them. It's just the way I am.

In the meantime, the sun bears down, burning into the 90s. I have to get started early in the day so the sun isn't beating down on me relentlessly in the afternoon... I'd rather do the walking in the afternoon, and leave the physical exertion for later in the day. But with 90+ degree weather this week and next, that's not an option.

So far, I've walked 4 1/2 hours (Monday), 2 1/2 hours (Tuesday) and 3 hours (Wednesday). On Monday's jaunt, I got to the corner of Jefferson and Third and decided I was never going to make it home. I figured I'd just spend the night on the street corner. It wouldn't be so bad...

The biggest problem I've encountered is my feet. The whiners insist on getting blisters. I figure I'll just keep walking and the blisters will have to look the other way. I just need tougher feet.

What I'm loving is the books on tape. I'm listening to them. I didn't know until yesterday just how unfunny George Carlin got in his last years. Still love his early stuff though.

And I love going by homes and places that bring back memories that I've developed over the past 15 years of living in Spokane. And I don't think I realized the extent of the volcanic rock sprinkled throughout the South Hill. It's a landmark for the area, that we are built on old volcanic rock... At least, that's what I've been told it is. I'm not wrong, am I?

What makes me sad about the past few days is not being "up" on what's going on in the world. Huckleberries - the local newspaper's blog - has been a happening place these last couple of days, and I didn't even know! Sigh. Oh, well.

Well, time to go for a walk...

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