Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In The Mail

My screenplay's in the mail. I've sent it to Paul (Castro, my writing instructor from March). It's ready for his read. Can hardly believe this step has been taken. He had said, back in March (when I was working on the screenplay in his workshop - it's a mystery-intrigue kind of theme) to get it in as final of a shape as I could before getting it to him. So now, that's what I've done. And mailed it, just now. It feels very, very good.

Tomorrow I leave for a week to Chicago, to see my sister and hang out with my 19-month-old nephew. My dad's coming for the weekend as well. The cats will have a sitter (they like her lots - always nice to have a change of pace). I think I'll be posting while I'm gone, but I'm not quite sure... This is my first excursion since beginning the blog. I'm thinking yes, I'll blog. But we'll see.

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