Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great Retreat

Friday and Saturday, I joined two of the women from the screenwriting workshop that I took from Paul Castro in March for a writers' retreat. We went out into the middle of nowhere (also known as one of the writers' homes) and worked on screenplays. The amazing thing - they both gave me five hours of undivided attention yesterday to read through the script that I started in Paul's workshop. It was so incredible, so invaluable. It's hard to imagine how they put in that kind of effort, but they did. And both of them have great storylines for their scripts. We are going to meet again in a few weeks. What a gift. Oops! I should have taken a photo of the scenery. Next time.

And now, because of my anemia (recently diagnosed), I am completely and utterly exhausted. I have to sit and do nothing all day (actually, one more entry, and then nothing) in order to let my body recover. I'm just glad this anemia is temporary. Imagine having something like this all the time...

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