Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Ducklings Have Landed!

As I mentioned just recently, we have a repeat performance from a mother duck who last year built her nest on the side of a bank building and got the assistance of Joel Armstrong (one of the bankers) to catch each of her children as they jumped from the nest, and so kept those newly hatched babies from cracking their heads open on the hard sidewalk.

Well, the eggs hatched Friday night. And last night, the babies were ready for their march to the Spokane River - just a few blocks away from the nest. All they needed was to jump out of that nest! Joel was ready this time. And succeeded again in keeping a bunch of baby ducks alive and well.

Don't know if you can see it (because our local paper blocks non-subscribers), but here are some links to the story with a video slideshow. And here is a link to the mama duck's facebook page (she now is named "Amelia Duckheart"). Also, one of the local television stations provided this video. It does appear that there were some glitches along the way - including that the mama duck disappeared for awhile and then was very unhappy with the thought of her children being transported by box to the river (so Joel had to let them all out, and they all walked sweetly behind her as she guided them to the water).

What I love is that the babies decide to have their march to the river on the very evening of the Lilac Parade - a staple of Spokane. Two parades all at the same time! What timing!

We wish the little rascals all the luck in the world. I hope they haven't used up all their luck already.

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