Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bicycle, Bicycle

So last week, when the weather started getting so nice, there was a posting on the Huckleberries blog (local newspaper's cool, fun neighborhood blog) about whether any of our group was walking or biking to work. My entry, I thought, was appropriately flippant:

I wake up on beautiful days like this and think I want to bike to work, and then I realize I'm late, and what should I do with my laptop, and what if I need my car during the day, and - oh, right, I forgot, I don't even own a bike!!
So then, as the thread continued throughout the day, "Arpie" - one of the commenters - offered to give me a bike! How incredible is that?

Free to a good home.

I have two old- seventies era, but serviceable bikes I rescued from the Dufort Mall that I'm anxious to give away. They are both great town cruisers. One is an English style cruiser three speed. The other is a lady's Schwinn ten speed with upright bars. Both need between $20 and $50 worth of work to be in top shape. I'm willing to do the labor if the recipient buys the parts- or I'll get them to you as is.

I hate Ebay and I can't sell them because I got them for free at the mall. Selling them would mess up my karma. Beth- the ladies bike might be a good one for you if you're interested.

I thought, and thought - why yes. I do want this bike. So I accepted. Sisyphus (one of the other commenters) was funny:

Arpie, you suck at capitalism. ;-) Try to think of it as recycling, pun intended.

Still, I was getting ready to be a proud owner of a 10 speed bike.

"Arpie" emailed me last night. We are setting up The Exchange for May 2. Since he is being so kind, I am labeling this event a "Spirit of Service" story. And - ahem - here is a photo of my new bike - sure do love the color!

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