Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Synchronicities, and a Warning

NOTE: there is a warning at the end of this post. But don't look now - it would ruin the surprise (er, warning) not to read it in context.... Wait until you reach the end.

First, synchronicity: it has been the word of my day these past 24 hours. The first one: as this posting discusses, I ran into Jimmy Orr on the Internet - someone I knew many, many moons ago... (turns out, and a couple of emails later, this Jimmy Orr is the same Jimmy Orr that I knew way back when). I pondered in that posting what it might mean, that Jimmy and I went storm chasing one day in 1985 and that both of us, now, are in the middle of the firestorm that is this country's politics. (Jimmy is a lot more in the middle of it than I am, though I definitely stay informed and feel involved.)

Then last night, I saw this news item, about a pink dolphin (with more pictures here). Incredible image. So here is what is weird: several years ago, I had a dream that I was standing on a cliff - like on the coast of Ireland - and down below were all these whales. One of the whales was my whale. That whale was pink. Now, I don't really talk about this dream. After all, I'm no fool - nor am I Georgia O'Keefe - I know when an image likely has sexual connotations to it.... But the dream was so real that it has never faded from my mind. Besides, whales - in Native American lore - represent our soul's DNA, spanning eternity. That's a pretty powerful symbol. I shelved the dream but did not discard it.

To see the image of this pink dolphin yesterday - to see that one could actually exist in such a vivid pink, just like my dream - it stunned me. Especially after having just that day speculated about how one event from years ago can impact events today. And then, in my research about the dolphin (an albino by all accounts), I saw where it was first seen last summer on June 24. This is the anniversary date of the bus crash of the 1946 baseball guys, who are the subject of my novel.

And if a pink water mammal - which can exist, I find out now - is an albino, does that mean that a pink whale is just a girl's Great White Whale? (a book I never have read....) Certainly my not-yet-realized project, in relation to the 1946 guys, is to get their story out there more - to get their movie made.... Just over this past weekend, I wrote the treatment for the movie of the story of these baseball guys, in particular to get something specific (untold here) moving this week if possible down in LA... and now this....

The final synchronicity - they do happen in threes, you know - was this a.m.'s decision to post a photo of the statue "The Awakening," of a giant man emerging from the ground. The statue was moved recently, but I remember it out on Washington DC's Hains Point, which is a "peninsula of land jutting out into the confluence of the Potomac River and the Washington Channel..." Back when I lived in DC, I loved to take people to Hains Point and see the statue. He is Neptune to me.

It was not until today though, that I realized that I all but created "The Awakening" in mask form back in college - sans the beard - years before I had ever seen the statue. I had taken a course on making masks, and I had a three-quarter mask that I had made out of paper mache that I called "fear" that looked just like the face of the man in "The Awakening." And I made an arm to go with it. (And then I dressed all in white with the mask and the arm and danced - with my mask-making class - around a fire in the woods, and had a feast afterwards of hummus and berries and fried chicken. Hey, it was UC Santa Cruz - things are a little less traditional there...)

So how weird is this, that I made the mask in 1983, then saw the Awakening statue in 1988 or so, but never made the connection between the two until this morning, in 2009, after two other powerful synchronicities that have made me pause and think?

Oh, and wow. It just dawned on me. EVERY SINGLE IMAGE HERE INVOLVES WATER.

Okay. So this is what I am going to presume about these synchronicities. I am going to presume that something very big is about to happen, and very personally to me. And that it will be a good thing. And that it is time for this to happen. All my life, it has been gelling, whatever it is. And now, it is time to manifest. This is especially true if you look at the Free Write (thought of the day) that I used with the Awakening statute image: "The mysteries unfold each step of the way. The challenge is in the awakening."

So, that's the synchronicity. Here's the warning. Ready?

Several years ago, I was walking past a fountain under construction - more water - with a man who I had been dating, who was in the middle of breaking my heart. (In his defense, I think his heart was hurting a little too.) As we walked by the fountain, we saw large vertical slabs of concrete getting ready to go in to the middle of the fountain. He said it looked like Stonehenge. I said I'd been to Stonehenge as a kid and that I had slept next to it overnight, back before they had fences around it to keep people away. He stopped, mid-stride, looked very seriously at me, and said that this was important information to share right up front, especially to share with anyone who was thinking about dating me. That I needed to warn people right up front. I said, Huh? He just looked at me like I knew what he meant. Which I don't, really - other than, what, I should let people know that I may have picked up a spark of mystery, intrigue, magic and faerie dust when I slept next to Stonehenge 27 years ago? Maybe whatever I picked up is contagious. Infectious. An infectious disease! Maybe that's what he meant. If I did pick up anything. I don't even know if I did....

Nonetheless, that's the warning. To all and sundry who meet and befriend me: back in the summer of 1982, when I was 21 years old, I camped out one night in a tent next to Stonehenge. I don't remember if I had any dreams.

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