Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SB 5832 - On House Floor For Upcoming Vote

As shown here (in reverse chronological order), I've been tracking the progress of Senate Bill 5832 in the state of Washington, which would extend the statute of limitations for some child sex abuse crimes to the victim's 28th birthday. This is a good first step, as it will allow a child to have been out of the family home as an adult for at least a little time before the statute of limitations run on this damaging, secretive crime. It doesn't go as far as federal law, which in 2006 eliminated all statute of limitations on child sex abuse crimes. But it is a first step. Thanks goes to former Spokane County Prosecutor Don Brockett, who has spearheaded this project for several years. See his website at www.stopmolesters.org.

On Friday, the House Rules Committee voted that SB 5832 should go to the House Floor for a vote - another big, positive step. (Thank you, Rules Committee.) A floor vote might take place either tomorrow or Friday, so now is a good time to contact House representatives and ask them to vote "yes" on the bill. You can find your legislators here - just plug in your address and it will give you the names of your reps. Here is a sample letter you can send. This bill is supported by the state Sentencing Commission.

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