Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Think Globally, Act Nationally

Have you ever worried about the conditions in Darfur in recent years but have felt at a loss about how to help? Well, now you can send a postcard. You know, I'm sure money is helpful too. But in the meantime - send a postcard.

George Clooney went to the White House yesterday and delivered 250,000 postcards to the president and vice president from people wanting our country to take more action there. The White House should receive another 700,000 postcards by the end of the week. The Save Darfur organization is in charge of getting your postcards from here to there. The postcard link is here; the postcards are electronic.

The White House visit caps a trip to Darfur last week, where George Clooney traveled with NBC's Ann Curry and New York Times' columnist Nicholas Kristoff. Right now is actually a pivotal time, so taking action now is important. There could be an indictment from the International Criminal Court against Sudan's sitting president as early as next week; this White House could choose to assign a permanent envoy to the crisis so that our country is proactive rather than reactive. And all this takes place after years of death and violence. Over 300,000 people have died and over 2.7 million are refugees. Read some Darfur basics here. Read a little about the ICC here.

So go ahead. Make a difference. Send a postcard today.

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