Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sorrows

Everyone out there who likes football is getting geared up for a great day. It's Super Bowl Sunday. Everyone, that is, but Philadelphia Eagles fans. Or a lot of Eagles fans. Or at least this Eagle fan. I have loved the Eagles since 1987, after the Monday Night game where Randall Cunningham rallied the team from a many-point deficit against the Giants and then, at the five yard line or so, avoided a tackle by Lawrence Taylor (Lawrence Taylor, people), landed on both feet and a hand (but not his knees or the other hand, which held the football) and then threw the ball into the end zone to receiver Mike Quick (I think it was Mike Quick). Touchdown. Game, Eagles. From then, I've been hooked. And to show my commitment to the team, I'm not even double checking those facts. Because that's how I remember it...

And then, two weeks ago, they lost to the Cardinals. The
Cardinals. Back in the Eagles' Reggie White days, the Eagles held the Cardinals to one and goal for seven downs. Yes, for seven downs (at the first fourth down there was an offsides call, setting up another four downs for the Cardinals), the Eagles held the Cardinals at the one yard line, preventing a touchdown and winning the game. So when it was the Eagles and the Cardinals for the NFC championship game two weeks ago, I was sure my team would win. Sigh.

I am not looking forward to today's game.

Lest it appear that I am only about sour grapes, let me point out that the Eagles have been in the NFC championship game five out of the last 10 years, and have only made it to the Super Bowl once. That means that, 40 percent of the time in the past 10 years, I have still been grieving the fate of my team when the Super Bowl has rolled around. No wonder I am moody.

Only the Eagles can put me in this kind of funk, BTW. No other team for football or any other sport affects me like the Eagles. Not even the Gonzaga mens' basketball team (though I love to watch them play). Only the Philadelphia Eagles can wrench my heart out of my chest, throw it on the ground and stomp upon it. Without even meaning to, I'm sure............. So yes, I will watch the game today. But I won't be happy about it.

UPDATE: Well, that was a great game.

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