Friday, February 13, 2009

My Writing Class On February 21st

Turns out, this blog has created other activity for me. Because I started writing the blog, I was asked to write a column about blogging in the IWL newsletter (Idaho Writers League). Also the blog caused a friend of mine, Michele Mokrey, to ask me to teach a writing class at her art store in downtown Spokane. Michele has a number of classes - most of them art classes - for whoever would enjoy them, but she thought a writing class was a different kind of creative avenue that she could support. (She also has a number of my baseball novels in her shop that she sells on consignment.) Her store is The Artist's Tree, on the corner of Sprague and Lincoln (828 West Sprague Ave, Tel: (509) 456-2300). Great art. Great art classes. And now, me.

The writing class will focus on turning true stories into literature - something I did with the story of the 1946 Spokane Indians baseball team.

Here's the blurb on the class that Michele is distributing:

PAINTING WITH WORDS - Saturday, Feb. 21st, 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. - $30

Come join us at a Creative Writing Workshop with local author Beth Bollinger. Ms. Bollinger is the author of "Until The End Of The Ninth," a novel based on the true story of the 1946 Spokane Indians baseball team that died in a bus crash midway through the season. She will be teaching us how to turn true stories into literature. Future classes include illustrating and creative binding for the stories that you write.

Actually, even if you don't take my class, you should consider taking the class on book binding. It looks like fun - I'll probably be taking it myself.

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