Monday, February 2, 2009

Football Gifts

One of the categories for this blog is Spirit of Sport. It is what I love about sports - not the stats, but the emotion behind the game - the immense effort that a player or a team can make to go from one point to another. Sports are a microcosm of life. Who we are as human beings can be reflected in what we try to do through sports. Or maybe, the efforts people make in sports can teach them (and their fans) a lot about the efforts that can be made in life. One begets the other. Hence the category.

I just read that kind of "spirit of sport" story this a.m., sent to me by my friend Jerry, that had me all emotional before the day had hardly begun. It epitomizes that "we've got spirit" slogan yelled on the sidelines in high school stadiums everywhere across the country on Friday nights every fall. I'd give you a synopsis, but that would take away from the writer's storytelling. So here's the article, without a back story, written by Rick Reilly of ESPN, in his "Life of Reilly" column. It's called, "The Best Gift of All: Hope."

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Very cool story. Cheers, Ivan