Sunday, February 15, 2009

Analogous Antelopes

I was just reading Jeanie-from-Spokane's blog (love the blog, Jeanie) and she did a piece about analog versus digital, as in the change coming up in television signals. It reminded me of watching "Oceans Thirteen" a couple years ago. (I saw it on my way to a book signing, and my uncle's home, in Greensboro, NC - had an unexpected layover in Minneapolis, so impromptu took the underground to the Mall of America and saw the movie the second day of its release.)

In one scene, I heard a thief tell George Clooney (and Brad Pitt, I believe) that they were "antelope playing in a digital world." I didn't know what it meant, but it sounded very poetic and ephemeral. I had this image of them running like the wind but still not being able to keep up....

Turns out, the line was that they were "analog players in a digital world." Makes more sense. Not so poetic, though. It does reveal, I think, in which world I feel most at home. That would be The Range, right? Seriously, Wyoming. I love Wyoming. Now there, the antelope play.

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