Sunday, January 25, 2009

MLK Day Stories of Service

I've been surfing the Net (as they say) and have come across stories of people volunteering in a myriad of ways this past Monday, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I thought I'd share some links. The idea started in 1994, when Congress declared the day a National Day of Service. This year, people came out in droves. It helped that the Obama folks sent out emails, asking for their service. Below are some descriptions of how Monday went.

This is a story of all the work organized by the University of South Alabama. I love how it begins - with a man with tears in his eyes, amazed at the help his mother has received:

Here's a somewhat local story (for me), out of Walla Walla, which is south-ish of Spokane:

Out of San Jose (where the weather is nice):

And Vermont (where the weather has to be cold):

Here's a shout-out to friends in Cleveland (one of the cities where I volunteered in October):

And here's a collection of stories and photos nationwide that the Huffington Post gathered:

Hope this inspires!

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