Saturday, August 24, 2013

Walking Alex

My poor cat Alex.  We are staying in a place with a lot of traffic right now, so I am not able to let him wander outside.  But he has spent a lifetime - 11 years - wandering outside, making friends with the neighbors, keeping our postman company on his route....

He lets me know that it does not make him happy to stay inside all day long.  He has one of those Burmese/Siamese cat meows that is very expressive, and loud, and - well - annoying.  He uses that voice to indicate consistent unhappiness with his lack of access to the outside world.

I do have a halter and a leash.  I do have them.  I put the halter on him.  He thought I was weird.  I went to the door and gently tugged on the leash.  He thought I was extremely weird.  I picked him up and put him outside.  He laid down next to me.  This is about as far as I walked him on the first day.

Then we did this another day, with my five-year-old nephew helping.  He creeped along a bit (the cat, not the nephew).

We ran into a neighbor who was walking his big dog Fancy.  Fancy loves cats.  Alex decided to bounce at Fancy and hiss at her - on his leash - to let her know that this was his territory.  Fancy cocked her head at Alex, appearing to wonder at his territorial dance.  I was thrilled to see him ignore the leash long enough to give Fancy a warning - "Fierce Kitty Stays Here."

So the other day, after a litany of meows explaining how unfair I was to keep him inside, I put the halter on him again and took him for a walk.

It worked.

Can you see the little dog going ballistic in the window?

The only time Alex laid down was when I tried to head back to the house.


Linda said...

After my mom sold our house, we had to put my old horse, Little Red, in a stables. She had spent her entire life in an open pasture. She was so pissed with me, she would turn her butt toward me whenever I went into her stall!!

Beth Bollinger said...

ha ha - they are so expressive.

poor Alex got startled the other day on the leash, when someone made a loud noise, and he tried to run away which caused him to run in circles. His little heart was pounding, poor guy. He hasn't asked to go out since. Though I'm sure he'll ask again at some point.