Friday, August 9, 2013

Soccer Joy

Twice this week, I have picked up my 5-year-old nephew from soccer camp.  The first time, it was his second day of camp and he was flushed with excitement.  We talked moves and such.  Unlike Minecraft, soccer is something that I know how to do. 

Today was the last day - a short camp.  I came to retrieve him just as the coaches sent the kids out on one last endeavor: the water fight.  On the whistle's blow, the kids ran around the field with water bottles and water guns and plastic orange cones filled with water, spraying and splashing each other.  They cooled down quickly in the warmish sun, staying in the moment of the fun.  Some coaches got Gatoraded (you know, doused with a barrel-full of water).  That made me laugh out loud.

For all of everything that swirls around right now, there was comfort in pausing for a minute to enjoy their enjoyment.

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