Thursday, September 2, 2010

CSN Stores Giveaway - $150!


From kitchen tables, to the plates that go on top of them, from exercise bikes to a nice pair of shoes.... it seems they have everything.

Who? CSN Stores.

About a week ago, I heard from CSN Stores, an online shopping store based out of Boston, complimenting this blog and wondering if I would be interested in giving one of my readers $150 (of their money, not mine!) to spend at their Internet store. Well, yes - yes I would. What a great deal for someone! And from CSN stores too. I'm not a big online shopper, but I had heard their name before. After spending some time on their website this past week, I can say that I'm truly complimented by their choice to ask me to host this giveaway. CSN Stores is an interesting combination of offering a huge number of products while being easy to search. On the shoe front, for instance: I did a random search for white high heels, and pulled up such pretty shoes! And when I went through the kitchen tables, I found some very sweet ones. There are a total of 200 stores (meaning, links to online shopping categories). Very cool. Check them out by clicking on the logo.

If you win the $150 giveaway, it can be used for whatever. Shipping is on you (though most shipping seems to be free on the site). But what a great opportunity, right?

TO ENTER: This is what you do. Email me at, with your name and contact information (though I guess I'll already have your email), and say that you are entering the CSN contest. It would be nice if you gave me feedback on CSN Stores - the product you might buy, your thoughts about the site - though feedback is not required to enter the contest. Enter by midnight PT on the night of September 12th. Only one entry per person. I will announce the winner shortly thereafter. The winner will be picked randomly from the entries.

Good luck! And enter by September 12th, before midnight PT.

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Nicole-Lynn said...

I entered! Thanks for the opportunity!