Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to Boot Camp

Well, I've had the hiatus. The break. The mornings off, for about four months now. So it was time to get back to that good ole boot camp. Today was the first morning. We are back outside, at Manito Park. It was fresh and actually exhilarating. Dare I say it.. it was fun! Of course, it was just the first morning, and there were enough newbies participating that we took it sort of easy. But my gosh, it was great.

Boot camp is technically called Adventure Fitness Boot Camp, so as not to confuse it with military boot camp. And I'm sure it isn't as strenuous as the military. Certainly it isn't as long - we are there for just an hour - but it is a lot, a lot of exercise from 6 to 7 a.m. in the morning.

In the winter the boot camp's indoors, and it's dark and foreboding when we arrive, since we live so far north (not that we're Alaska or anything, but our winter days are pretty short). In the summer, though, we are out at Manito Park - at the tennis courts there. Summer's taken charge, and the sun is already up and about for at least an hour before our designated arrival time.

This morning - the first day for the upcoming month's session - it was brisk and damp, but not raining. And now here's the surprising part - I'm already in pretty good shape. Soccer these past few weeks has helped, I'm sure, as well as has the previous boot camp sessions from the past year... But I actually had fun this a.m., and may just go ahead and join up for four days instead of three.

Speaking of good shape... Danna Snow, our instructor, competed in weight lifting in Cleveland recently and set a new record for her weight category for deadlift - 347 pounds. Wow. She'll be competing internationally in the Czech Republic in coming months (with a stop in Puerto Rico in August for the North American championships), and is looking for sponsorship. This is her website: www.dannasnow.com. Good luck, Danna!

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