Saturday, March 20, 2010

Perfect World

Don't jostle it...

The Zags won. And so did University of Maryland (my law school alma mater). Maryland is actually playing in Spokane, though I didn't go see the game in person. Sigh. And the Zags - Gonzaga Bulldogs, for anyone who's confused - did try to lose. They went way up in the first half, waned a bit down the stretch in the second, then played really really smartly (word?) and ended up with a solid win.

So I'm basking in the outcomes today. And loving the two coaches, who have both been at their programs for decades and who both seem to approach the game in an overarching, student-comes-first way. (That would be Mark Few and Gary Williams.)

Tomorrow will be the next set of games. And anything can happen. Today, though - today is a day to enjoy outcomes, and the memories of games well played.

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