Friday, December 4, 2009


I scored last night, in indoor soccer! It was a header, right into the goal, preceded by a perfect pass from my teammate Sandie, who has been a teammate of mine, on one team or the other, for about 10 years.

Now I would say that I never score - ever - except that just a month or so ago, I scored in outdoor soccer. Which I never do.

I don't score because I never play offense. My instinct is defense - protect the goalie, protect the goal. But it appears that I'm playing more offense. Let's keep that in mind.

Also, in indoor soccer, anyone can be playing offense - or defense - in a given moment. The field is small, there are only seven players a side. The indoor game lends itself to great flexibility.

We played two games. Two hours' worth of soccer. I noticed that this a.m., as my body creaked awake. But that feels good too, to know that the muscles have been hard at work.

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