Sunday, October 11, 2009

Al Grayson

In the midst of all the health care reform angst and anger - real, imagined, and manufactured - I had started to tune out. I'm sure I'm not alone. I had sort of given up on Congress doing the right thing.

Then on Friday, when we heard that President Obama has received the Nobel Peace Prize. I started wondering: is it time to shed the crap and insist, really insist, that Congress move?

Parallel to my personal feelings has come several times in the news recently the name of one congressman from Florida: Alan Grayson. A week (or two) ago, he gave a speech where he said that Republicans' plan for health care reform was, don't get sick, and if you do get sick, die quickly. Republicans were angry at this first-time congressman, and insisted he apologize. So he got on the floor of the House this past Friday and said absolutely not. The following clip gives a lead-in from Lawrence O'Donnell and then Grayson's speech on Friday. He is also the one who has said that the way to beat a Republican is not by being a Republican. It is time for our elected officials to stand up and deliver.

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