Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Writers' Gathering

Last night I went to a screenwriters' panel held in downtown Spokane and sponsored by a group called FAVES (intended to promote movies in the Spokane area - similar to, but different from, my KNIFVES movie-networking group). (They considered the name FORKS - as a true complement to KNIFVES - but went with FAVES instead.)

What a blast! I'd found out about the symposium by happenstance, and had then alerted KNIFVES members to the event, so there was a whole bunch of KNIFVES people there. The panel consisted of writers who have been in the business of making this business happen. Two on the panel - Don Caron and Lyle Hatcher - have just written a novel (after having written the screenplay), called "Different Drummers," about a young boy, and his friend in a wheelchair, and something about finding God. Sounded interesting, so I bought a copy. Now I have reading material for the plane tomorrow (oh, I'm going to Chicago, btw).

The panel comments were interesting, the questions were great, and there was just an overall buzz of excitement throughout the room. We had a chance to make some KNIFVES announcements, and several people came up afterwards to find out more about our group, so it was just a great, fun night. It also dovetailed well with my own goal of keeping my writing moving right now - not so much in a specific way ... but definitely the spirit of that goal was met.

Oh, and at the end, the FAVES group announced a short film contest, entries due in December (I believe was the information). Check out their website - - to find out more.

photo credit: Nick Wheeler, found here

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