Friday, August 14, 2009

Sleeping on the Couch

A friend - who's an active Republican - returned a phone call from me last night just as I was in the middle of my upset over the Dems caving to "death panel" lunacy. I tried not to bend his ear about it, but then I did. He listened well, and sympathized (figuring, I'm sure, that this was a time to be a good friend and not a political opponent).

After I was pretty much done, he made the observation that, since my time isn't taken up right now with a boyfriend, I'm using politics to fill the time gap.

I stopped. Oh, no. He was right. Partly right, anyway. I got excited about politics last year for the first time because of Obama. But I've stayed hooked. Is it just a way to kill time? Though I really do care about the issues. Before, I'd ignore the issues enough to not get emotionally involved. Now, I'm emotionally involved. That's always a bad sign, when you get emotionally involved with a unpredictable, ne'er-do-well partner, hoping for consistency even in the face of unreliability...

"Well, he's sleeping on the couch tonight," I said. My friend chuckled. "He'll be back," he said. "You'll let him back in." You're just going through a spat with good ole Politics tonight... You'll let him back in later.

And there it was. Not even a 24-hour fight. By this morning, I had turned my computer back one, ready for another round...

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