Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good Blood

The results are in: I am no longer anemic! Hurray, hurray.

Got the tests back a few days ago. Hemoglobin is now 13.5 (within the normal 12-16 range). Two months ago, it was 8.0.

Now I will deal with the fallout. And not just my hair (which is getting better, but is still falling out). It's like I've had a rude guest in the house who took up all my time, made me eat a bunch of fatty foods (aka BEEF), and then zapped me of all my energy so I couldn't go exercise or live my own life in any way.

The good news? The guest has left! And if I'm careful, that guy will not return. Though I do find I get tired, still. That, I think, is because I'm 48.

The past couple months did give me some appreciation for what people with chronic illnesses go through, especially people who have things like lupus or fibromyalgia that are so physically draining. The silver lining on my cloud was that I could fix the anemia. My illness was a guest, not a permanent resident. Hallelujah.

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