Monday, July 27, 2009

Et Tu, Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers? (with updates)

It has come to pass that my own congresswoman - Cathy McMorris Rodgers - fans the flames of the "birther" debate. Great. Just great.

This is a very funny video by Huffington Post reporter Mike Stark, who tries to interview various Republican congresspeople about what they personally believe about President Obama's birthplace. Do they think he was born in Hawaii? Do they believe he is a natural born citizen? If he is not "natural born," of course, then he cannot serve as president...

It's a softball question, unless you'd rather sign up with the crazies. Even Ann Coulter says that Obama is fit to be president. But "crazy" is just the new name for Republican these days - at least if you're a Republican serving your community on the Hill, and happened to talk to Mike Stark yesterday. There are a few exceptions, thank goodness. But they are not the rule.

Now, here is what my very own congresswoman, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, said on the video, presumably in response to the question of whether Obama is a natural born citizen: "We're all going to find out," she said. When asked what she personally believes, she responded, "I'd like to see the documents." HUH? Who hasn't been able to see the documents?? And then she ignores the question "so, you're kind of afraid of the lunatic fringe base?" I'm so embarrassed.

The whole video is a fun, especially when they play the "Chariots of Fire" music as one of the congressmen tries to run away. Cute!

UPDATE: And within minutes of this posting, the local paper has posted the video on their "spin control" blog. Hmm, I wonder who might have alerted the newspaper about it? One person leads to another, then another... ;)

SECOND UPDATE: I just spoke with the congresswoman's office, re: health care - and am told that her statements above were taken out of context AND (most importantly) that she does NOT challenge the President's birthplace as being in Hawaii. I gave her a thumps up, and feel a responsibility to make this note. I do make the additional note, however, that when she had the chance in a second video to address the question directly, she stayed mute. (Check out her segment at :55 seconds.)

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