Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Screenplay Progress

I've put in the edit suggestions that I gathered this past weekend on my mystery-and-intrigue screenplay, and have sent it to a member of KNIFVES (my movie networking group) who has all the experience in the world in this sort of thing and just generously gives of his time to newbies like me. Thumbs up on that accomplishment.

Here's the downside: now that I am paying attention to my energy levels (because of recently-diagnosed anemia), I float between gathering energy and spending it intensely on the writing. This means that last Thursday, I rested and was completely exhausted - a bad day, when I wondered if I would ever, ever get better. Then, on Friday and Saturday, I stayed focused on the editing projects, as the three of us went over more than just my project. Then, on Sunday, I rested again - probably slept about 12 to 14 hours off and on throughout the day and night, gathering energy for a final push. Then Monday and Tuesday - intense editing and writing. Finished yesterday at about 4 p.m., and was without anything left. I had enough "gas" left in my system to go forage for food. But then - done.

There must be a better way to live. The intake of all this iron tells me that I will reach that way soon - hopefully in weeks and not months. Patience, patience...

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