Thursday, May 14, 2009

Castro Encore

Paul Castro (screenplay writing instructor guy, note entry here) was in town again, this time giving a one-day seminar on screenplay writing and marketing over in Coeur d'Alene. What a blast! It was great. Love that Paul - his enthusiasm, his candor, his willingness to help network... He'll be back at the end of June, it looks like. About 50 people attended yesterday, and most in the room indicated an interest in the more intensive session (probably two or three days). They had a fair amount of news coverage - several newspaper articles - and then KHQ (Channel 6) had him on their morning show. (Hmm - I wonder who put that together for him?) It was a little dicey, since the station was also doing their "shredding" segment that morning - where they have trucks sprinkled around town for people to bring documents to be shredded - but they enthusiastically made space for Paul too. No shredding.

Most of us from the week-long seminar were there, and Paul asked us to chime in at various times. It was more of a lecture format, so my day was easy (though long, since I met he and his organizer, Mary Fremont, down at the television station for the early morning segment). And it was great seeing all the others - we set up an all-women's writing retreat for next weekend, with editing of my mystery screenplay top on the agenda. Poor Paul - the day took all his energy but then, after the conference, I couldn't help it, I ended up keeping him focused so I could tell him some ideas I've had stored up since our March meeting. What's a writer to do?

I'll try to give a heads-up for the next time Paul's in town, for all you other writers out there thinking about screenplays.

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