Sunday, April 5, 2009

Waiting for Godot

I just saw "Waiting for Godot," at the local Interplayers theater. It was something else. It's that existential play from decades ago. Did you know it was funny? Hilarious. In our production, the funny parts were highlighted - played not as slapstick but definitely as comedic. One of my sisters tells a story of laughing through a different production of "Godot" to the consternation of those around her (who were taking the play mighty seriously). But last night, I wasn't the only one laughing. I do think I laughed loudest at a couple of lines. But at least I was not alone.

I think the best line was when Go Go says, "We don't have any rights?" and his friend explains (as if it makes it better), "We gave up our rights." Now, in print, it doesn't look so funny. But in the theater, it was hysterical. I might go see the play again, to catch more of its nuances. Yes, it was that good. Must be a good production.

The next play up for Interplayers (after the "Godot" run, which ends Saturday) is "The Graduate." I didn't know the movie was also a play. It opens April 23 - right before my birthday, which is April 28. I am turning 48. It's a good age. It will be a good year. Or so I imagine. Jeannie S, another Huckleberry blogger, has a countdown on her blog for turning 60 the day after I turn 48. I'm hoping for a big bash. Hmmm....

Funny story. Once, I told my sister (same one as above) that a friend was coming to town and that we'd probably go out to celebrate because it was our birthday weekend (almost the same day, in fact - something my sister knew). My sister sounded surprised. "Why would you do that?" She asked. I, in turn, sounded surprised. "Well, to celebrate our birthdays," I said. It took a couple more "who's on first" rounds before we realized that I was saying "our birthday weekend" and she was hearing "Arbor Day Weekend." I laugh as I type this, remembering back to how funny it was. It was dialog worthy of a sitcom.

Later that evening, she went to dinner at a friend's house and told this story. Her friend grabbed a calendar. Turned out, my friend was actually coming to town on Arbor Day Weekend, because it's always the last weekend in April, and it happened that the last weekend in April that year included April 28. It was both "our birthday weekend" and "Arbor Day Weekend." What are the odds?

And so, "The Graduate" opens at the Interplayers over Arbor Day weekend this year, which does not include April 28th (which falls on a Tuesday this time). Make a note on your calendars.

photo credit: Carol Von Canon, found here

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