Friday, April 17, 2009

Two More Days

I am writing a screenplay. By my calculations (which have been overly optimistic in the past), I have two more days - today and tomorrow - and then I will have a draft. It'll need reworking next week. But I will have a draft.

My intensity of focus kept me from writing about important things on this blog this week. For instance, I kept wanting to talk about squirrel detonation, but never did. (Read comments here - especially JeanieS's comment 5 entries down - from my friends over at the Huckleberries Blog to get a sense of the wackiness that we call Spokane.) (And then there's this squirrel item.) Also, I had a whole entry I wanted to write for Easter with the working title "The Crazy Cat Lady," as I realized it probably isn't usual to buy one of your cats a stuffed animal (bunny) for Easter. Except my cat Annie loves her stuffed animal collection - and there's a whole story there! - and it didn't get written, so intent I have been on the screenplay. And then - what else? Oh, yes. Soccer started last Saturday. Wanted to write about that, too.... How I am finally at the Grand Masters level play, which is a euphemism for "old people," and how I chose my current team, and how I say it's a team that "plays to drink" (and yes, we go for beer after each game).... And what about Ken Griffey returning to the Mariners? And John Madden retiring? Oh my gosh. These are things to write about. But none of them got written on this blog because of the screenplay.

And yet - I'm almost done. Amazing. With a screenplay that wasn't even an idea in February. So - other stories will be told on other days.......... This is the time for one story, now.

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